Including pumpkins, apple, maple pecan, and, uh, s’mores.

In a year where pretty much nothing—including the passage of time— made sense, I’m here to report some good news: it’s cheesecake season. Though not explicitly a fall food, you have to admit that a cake made primarily out of dairy pairs well with longer nights, holidays, and staying inside. Deciding whether or not to eat cheesecake isn’t a hard decision, but picking the perfect fall flavor might be.

Thankfully, an ingenious Aldi offering reveals that you don’t have to choose between fall cheesecakes if you don’t want to. Instead, you can sample them all with a little help from a Belmont brand’s Fall Cheesecake Sampler spotted by observant Instagrammer @AldiFavoriteFinds.

As if the imagery on the box wasn’t mouthwatering enough, the flavors these “premium cheesecakes” represent so pretty great. Specifically, we’re talking about caramel apple, pumpkin swirl, s’mores, and maple flavored pumpkin pecan. If you want to quibble, you could argue that s’mores is more of a summertime flavor, but you have to admit that the rest of what’s being offered here sounds like an absolutely delightful sweater season treat.

Based on further evidence from a photo that features the side of the box, it looks like you’re getting not just four slices to sample, but a big ol’ cheesecake divided into four quarters of unique flavor. Otherwise, the net weight of two and a half pounds would probably be a bit extreme for just four slices of cheesecake.

It looks like these should be available at Aldi as of October 14th, retailing for $9.99. That’s certainly not a bad deal if it helps you choose your favorite fall cheesecake flavor. Or you could just keep on buying this forever until you’re really sure. Better safe than sorry!