ColdBox captures the culinary zeitgeist with the perfect food to eat at home.

When it comes time to treat yourself with no regard for calories or consequences, it’s hard to imagine anything better than a pizza followed by some ice cream. Now, imagine how awesome it’d be if pizza and ice cream were combined into one big ol’ frozen pie. Now imagine if that ice cream pizza had a bunch of candy on top of it.

No, this isn’t some imaginary food a six-year-old dreamed up, but a very real product that you can find in the freezer section of H-E-B. As shared by @SnackGator, it turns out that a company called ColdBox had the audacity to not only make a tasty-looking ice cream pizza, but also put a bunch of Butterfingers on top of it.

According to ColdBox’s product description, this particular cool pie features Butterfinger pieces drizzled in gooey chocolate fudge and sitting atop vanilla ice cream, with a chocolate chip cookie crust holding everything together underneath. In my experience, Butterfingers have a tendency to get stuck in your teeth when eaten in bar form, so hopefully deploying this otherwise great candy as an ice cream pizza topping corrects for those issues.

As you might imagine, ColdBox doesn’t limit a great idea like this to just one candy. Other toppings include Buncha Crunch and Baby Ruth, not to mention a rainbow-sprinkled cookie dough offering inspired by Great American Cookies. Mercifully, you won’t find any traditional pizza toppings in the mix because that would be pretty weird.

If there’s anything not to love about what ColdBox has going on, it’s that these tasty frozen treats perhaps aren’t as widely available as they should be. Their website mentions that they’re available at select H-E-B locations, and can be ordered through GoPuff delivery.

Hopefully they’ll expand their range soon, because if there’s one thing we all deserve to eat in 2020, it’s a massive candy-covered ice cream pizza. If only these things weren’t so hard to mail.