Happy hour just got a whole lot happier.
Tip Top Hero
Credit: Courtesy TipTop Proper Cocktails

Last summer was the summer of seltzer. Hard seltzer that is. It seemed that nearly every day a new batch of flavors and brands popped up to keep us hydrated and mildly buzzy. A great option for those who want to indulge in a more moderate way, hard seltzers were clearly here to stay, and in my ongoing desire to be of service to you, I went deep on those spiked bubbles, tasting more than 40 versions to find the best ones for all your gatherings. 

But this summer, I want something a little different. While I love the convenience of a canned option, as someone who is usually only going to have one, I want it to be a great one, and I want it to pack a little bit more of a punch than the seltzers provide. They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. In my case, when the thirst was ready, the cocktail appeared. And it came in the most adorable package imaginable.

My drinks this summer are coming from TipTop Proper Cocktails.  

My love affair with TipTop Proper Cocktails

I was first introduced to these little 100ml cans of yum by a friend who knew the founding mixologist who had worked with them on the recipes. Launched a few years ago, the tiny cans of perfectly crafted cocktails are now widely available at liquor stores or by ordering online.

What sets them apart for me is the quality of the drink inside. Built from premium liquors and perfectly balanced, not too sweet, and plenty boozy, they satisfy my cravings completely. They are a cocktail you can serve to guests without apology, and let's be honest, there is nothing more annoying than having to play bartender all night at your own party. You can even purchase in variety packs so that you and your guests can all have their favorite tipple, and no one has to break out a jigger.

TipTop cocktail varieties

TipTop comes in six varieties to slake any thirst, and in my experience, each classic cocktail they sell is as good a version as any I get at my local craft cocktail bar. I lean hard into the Negroni, one of my go-to drinks generally – this one is made with dry gin and sweet vermouth, with red bitters. All I need to add is an orange wheel and I could close my eyes and be sitting on the Piazza San Marco in Venice. Their Manhattan is made with rye, which is my preferred version, and I really love their Bee's Knees for summer: a refreshing blend of gin, lemon, and honey that has supplanted my usual G&T. They also make a bourbon Old Fashioned with orange bitters and cane sugar, a tart tequila Margarita with lime and orange liqueur, and a really stellar rum Daiquiri enhanced with lime juice and cane sugar. 

Designed to be served over ice, one little can is really all the cocktail you could need (seeing as these little gems range from 48 to 74 proof, you know they aren't adding water or other fillers). 

I'm a superfan and cannot wait to see what other recipes TipTop has coming down the line. So, ditch the hard seltzer and join me on the terrace for a real cocktail, won't you?