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Easy 3-Ingredient Margarita
When you’re in the mood for a marg, chances are—you’re not in the mood to wait. And those are exactly the moments this easy margarita was made for. All you need is your tequila of choice, limeade, and a Corona or other Mexican lager or light beer.
Sheet Pan Beefy Bean Nachos
Rating: Unrated 2
These Sheet Pan Beefy Bean Nachos are proof that a quick, effortless dinner can still be fun. They're loaded with pantry and freezer staples like taco seasoning and beans, but still customizeable enough to garnish with whatever fresh ingredients you have on hand.
Magic Whipped Coffee Cream
Rating: Unrated 3
Here's how to make the super fluffy coffee that's taken over the internet.
Samoas Cookie Monkey Bread
Rating: Unrated 1
Girl Scout Cookies are only available for a few months, but you can make our Samoas Monkey Bread, which is essentially a giant Samoa, any time you want. This sharable bread is perfect for dessert, breakfast, or a particularly indulgent snack. Mixing caramel and butter creates the perfect gooey topping (and dipping sauce) for canned biscuit dough-based monkey bread. For the perfect bite, dab up coconut flakes as well as caramel and chocolate sauce.
Paris Hilton’s Lasagna (as interpreted by Nicole McLaughlin)
This recipe was created to mimic the viral recipe video of “Cooking with Paris.” We found this recipe very hearty but rather bland in terms of flavor, so you might want to try one of these.
Poblano Mac and Cheese
Are you ready for the cheesiest Mac and cheese in your life? With a cheese pull so long you could play double dutch with it? This poblano mac and cheese might just be the only mac and cheese you’ll ever make again. If you’re not a fan of heat, use a bell pepper instead of a poblano to cut down on the spiciness. Regular Velveeta will work if you can’t find Mexican. This dish can be made in a cast-iron pan or transferred to a 9x13 baking dish. It’s best eaten warm while all the cheese is still gooey.

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Philly Mac-And-Cheese Steak
This hearty pasta dinner is super indulgent: think beef stroganoff meets hamburger helper, then pump up the goodness. Everything comes together in just under an hour, and this twist on mac and cheese makes some leftovers you’ll seriously look forward to.
Popsicle Cookies
Here's an easy idea for putting an adorable summertime spin on our classic cut-out cookie recipe. Allow the cookies to cool completely before proceeding to prepare your royal icing in whatever vibrant summer colors you choose.